Neo-sense Word : (n.) A dance craze that usually goes with hip-hop/pop music. Whip is sometimes used as a slang word for car, and the dance involves dropping one’s knee and making a car-driving gesture. Often accompanied by improvisation. Associated with the songs, “Watch Me” by Silento and and “Nasty Freestyle” by T-Wayne.

Etymology: Middle English, probably from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch. From a Germanic base which means to move quickly. The noun is partly from the verb, enforced by Middle Low German, wippe, quick movement. According to the Oxford English Dictionary a whip is an¬†instrument of flagellation, and connected senses . Neo-sense meaning started¬†around 2014 when a Youtuber named King Imprint posted a video titled, “New Dance #Whip”. Now the video has over 17 million views.

Sociolectical Information: Well known with the youth. The younger generation would probably know the dance move because of the music that they mostly listen to. Term popularized through different areas of interest too; NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. began to perform the dance as a touchdown celebration. He attained a following through the celebration and many views on social media. Through mus

Whip Gif

Odell Beckham Jr. doing the Whip

ic culture, the term became widely known. Here you can see the trends for “Whip“. One can see that towards that end of 2015, the chart spikes up, meaning a popularity rise. This dance move has been created and popularized through African American culture. I have noticed that most “trendy” dance moves are originated though the African American culture, such as Dabbing, Hitting the Folks. and the Nae Nae.

Survival Predictions: The word became very popular through the summer of 2015, but I think that it has had it’s peak. Because it was so popular, people know what it is, but it is not seen as trendy anymore. Also, because there are new dances that are created, the Whip has become “replaced”. For example, the “Dab” has become popular in youth music culture and there has been songs created for that dance craze too. Relating back to the actual word, of course the word whip will last. Whip has been around before this sense of the word, probably as the tool.

Lexiopinions: I think that the dance was creative when it first came out, but now, if I see someone doing the dance, I assume it is for humorous reasons. I see it as beginning to have a annoying connotation because it has been so over done, along with the songs that accompany it. After asking people, what they think of the word, they seemed to agree with my connotations of the word. They think that the word has lost most of its popularity, but see it has sticking around in the younger generations.





  1. I don’t think this word will survive much longer. The word gained this new meeting just over 2 years ago and I think public use of the word & dance move for that matter have faded. I was actually talking to one of my friends and trying to get him to whip, but he said the whip is dead. This word was a fad, as was the dance move, and I believe it’s already been replaced with new dances/words such as the newest fad; the running man. I think it would be good to add a bit about the Nae Nae which is also associated with one of the songs you mentioned, Watch Me by Silento. Great post, I like the use of the GIF to show the dance move in action.

  2. I think the means of this neosense’s creation is why it is not likely to last. Songs that quickly become popular are overplayed and tend to be temporary until the next “cool” song comes around. Usually this is a very fast transition. Because this dance move is so specific to this song, wasn’t known before being popularized by the music video, and doesn’t fit well into choreography of dances to other songs, it is just as temporary as the song itself. It is similar to Gangham style where at first the idea is very novel, cool and everyone wants to try it. It gets boring quickly and dies out. Gangham style is incredibly irrelevant now even though it was all everyone talked about and sang for a period of time. These trends change very quickly and the whip is already becoming irrelevant. I remember seeing people doing it at my graduation and over the summer but I have not seen or heard of it since then. I completely agree that the dab has replaced it. People enjoy these little dance moves because they are so recognizable and can be done in a joking manner or to be silly. I don’t think it’s ever taken seriously. I think there is also a period where there is no popular dance move. When one dies out, it takes a few months for a new move to come into style because it is dependent on new songs.

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