Glass Cliff

glass cliff

Glass cliff. n. (neologism) A term that describes the phenomenon of women in leadership roles, such as executives in the corporate world and women political election candidates, being likelier than men to be put in leadership roles during periods of crisis or downturn, when the chance of failure is highest.   Etymology. The term was coined in […]


demisexual 3

Demisexual. n. (neologism) Someone who can only experience sexual attraction after an emotional bond has been formed. This bond can be but does not have to be romantic in nature. Demisexuality falls on the spectrum of Asexuality. Asexual is defined as someone who does not experience sexual attraction. (Asexual Visibility and Education Network or AVEN.) Most […]

Queer Baiting


Queer Baiting v. (neologism) The act of drawing in lgbtqia viewers with the promise of representation in a piece of media without the intention of actually providing or following through on said representation. Wikipedia defines Queer Baiting as adding “homoerotic tension between two characters to attract more liberal and queer viewers” without the intention of the characters […]



Gender. n. (neologism) A set of socially formed traits typically associated with a particular biological sex (most often male or female). Etymology: (Origins in both French and Latin.) Derived from the French gendre meaning kind, sort (circa 1125 in Old French). Later on meant sex, quality of being male or female (second half of the 12th century). It’s first recorded […]



Heteronormativity. n. (neologism) The assumption that all people are heterosexual and that heterosexuality is normal and natural.  The Oxford English Dictionary defines heteronormativity as ” The property or quality of being heteronormative; the privileging of biologically determined gender roles and heterosexuality.” “A term that can be used to describe institutions, policies and beliefs that reinforce the rigid categories […]