Evo-devo (noun) is a compound of the clippings for evolutionary and developmental biology. Evo-devo traces the evolution of developmental biology among many species to determine their ancestral relationship. Etymology: Evolutionary (adj; borrowing from Latin ēvolvere; 1673) Relating to or of evolution. Uses the suffix -ary (Latin -āri-us, -āri-um) to mean “connected with” or “a place for” Evolution (noun; Latin ēvolūtiōn; 1616) In the biological […]



TERF/TWERF. n. (neologism/initialism)  Denotation: An acronym for for the term “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist”, or sometimes “Trans Women Exclusionary Radical Feminist”. Used to describe a sub-group of self-identifying feminists who claim that transgender people are “not really” the gender that they identify as. While not technically a pejorative term, those who use it are generally […]



Initialism, noun: TMR is an initialism for Targeted Muscle Reinnervation. It is a kind of surgery which rewires nerves from amputated limbs into neighboring muscles. In addition, sensors are implanted to control prostheses myoelectric signals from the brain. Currently, this technology is only being used for prosthetic arms. Etymology: Targeted (adj.) : being aimed or directed at Target (noun; French targete; 15th century) something being […]

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