Skin Hunger

Skin Hunger

Neologism: n. the desire for physical contact from another human, especially after a period of deprivation   Etymology: A compound formed by the unhyphenated combination of “skin” and “hunger” According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), “skin” is a borrowing from early Scandinavian which closely mirrors the Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian word “skinn”, which […]



Manspreading n. -the act of men spreading their legs in public spaces (especially in public transportation) in order to provide more room for themselves. Manspread is used as a verb to denote the action. Etymology: this word fits into this category because it is a sociological phenomenon that facilitates gender inequalities and debate around human […]



Umpolung. n. (borrowing) Also referred to as polarity inversion. Mostly used in organic chemistry. Umpolung refers to a technique where the chemical modification of a functional group (specific groups of bonded atoms) is conducted with the aim of the reversal of polarity of that group. This is analogous to reversing the poles of a bar magnet in order for […]

Queer Baiting


Queer Baiting v. (neologism) The act of drawing in lgbtqia viewers with the promise of representation in a piece of media without the intention of actually providing or following through on said representation. Wikipedia defines Queer Baiting as adding “homoerotic tension between two characters to attract more liberal and queer viewers” without the intention of the characters […]



Intersex. n. (neologism) an individual with characteristics of both sexes, the state of existing between the sexes. Etymology: Coined by German-U.S. geneticist Richard Goldschmidt in Endocrinology (Goldschmidt, 1917). “inter-” meaning between and “sex” referring to sex. “inter-” derived from French prefix “entre-“, later “entre- or “enter-“. Later the prefix derived from Latin “inter-” forming a different class of words […]



#FeelTheBern . phrase. (Buzz phrase/Neosense phrase). #FeelTheBern is the unofficial but popular slogan created by People For Bernie co-founder and strategist, Winnie Wong, to promote presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in his campaign. The phrase itself was created to attract the attention of younger audiences and voters who most often are the leading support for Sanders. […]


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Goat. adj. (neosensism word). It is an acronym that stands for Greatest Of All Time. Etymology:   “A word inherited from Germanic. Cognate with Old Frisian gān , Old Dutch gān , gēn (Middle Dutch gaen , Dutch gaan ), Old Saxon -gān (in fulgān to accomplish; Middle Low German gān ), Old High German gān , […]



GSRM. adj. (neologism / initialism) Denotation: An acronym/initialism of “Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities” used as a substitute term for LGBTQIA+. “Gender Minorities” refers to non-cisgender individuals, “Sexual Minorities” refers to non-heterosexual individuals, and “Romantic minorities” refers to non-heteroromantic individuals. Etymology: A term coined as a substitution for LGBTQIA+ due to the latter term’s relative […]


"Honoring the holy teenage white girl pentagram."

Insta (neologism) 1. n- a clipping used as slang for the word “instagram”. 2. v.- use of same clipping to denote the action of posting a picture on instagram. 3. prefix- using a prefix onto a word to denote haste in completing an action. 4. prefix- denoting a relation to instagram. Connotation: kind of has […]


brexit door

Neologism, slang/jargon: n. Britain’s potential departure from the European Union (EU), which will be voted on in a referendum on June 23rd, 2016 Etymology: Blend of “British” or “Britain” and “exit” “Britain”, according to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), is a borrowing from Latin which is related to the classical Latin word “Britannus”, an adjective […]