Hark Upon The Gale


Neotwampism: “Hark Upon The Gale” is a phrase that’s used as a joke at William and Mary. William and Mary student’s know this phrase from the alma mater song and use it ironically because no one knows what it means. “Hark Upon The Gale” means to listen upon the wind so by itself it actually […]

Grim Dell


Neotwampism Definition (n.): the section of lake Matoaka enclosed by the trails connecting the back of campus to Old Campus and the Sunken Gardens. Etymology: The term “Grim Dell” is a play on “Crim Dell,” which refers to a small body of water across from the Sadler center and adjacent to Landrum Hall. The Crim […]

The Sunkie G’s


Denotation: Slang Term n. an abbreviation for the Sunken Gardens, the stretch of lowered grass that stretches from the Wren Building to the Crim Dell Meadow on the old part of campus. Etymology: a combination of a clipping of the word “sunken” and an abbreviation for “garden”. Sunken: Past participle of “sink” (from Middle English “sinken”, cognate withDutch zinken, […]

Confusion Corner

confusion corner

Neotwampism. n. The intersection of Duke of Gloucester St, N. Boundary St., S. Boundary St., Jamestown Rd, and Richmond Rd; also the location where the William & Mary campus meets Colonial Williamsburg. Etymology: Confusion: Confusion was a loan word from Old French, in which “confusion” meant “disorder or shame.” The French word came from the Latin […]



Swemming Neotwampism v. the act of going to Swem library to study, usually for a long period of time before an exam or project is due Etymology: Swem (name of the library) + -ing (derivational affix, verbalizer) (This is a verb, to go swemming, to be doing the action of swemming) Swem Library, named after […]



Sexchange n. (slang) The convenience store located in the basement of the Sadler Center at the College of William and Mary. The Sexchange accepts William and Mary dining dollars and is therefore, frequented by students. Etymology: The official name of the convenience store is the Student Exchange. “Sexchange” is a blend of those two words […]



Blend : n.  A theatre Organization on the William and Mary Campus which produces one show every year during the Winter Break. Etymology: The word Sinfonicron was created in 1965, as a blend of two Theatre and Music groups on the William and Mary campus – Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and Delta Omicron. Sociolectal Information: The […]



Twamp  n. Acronym: “Typical William And Mary Person” General Denotations:  Originally used to describe a socially awkward nerdy kid who goes to William and Mary, but now a word that’s used to describe the community at W&M. Sociolectal Information: This word would only be used at William and Mary or by alumni who have gone to The […]