Compound: It is a compound of the words “Nerd” and “Core”. A genre of alternative hip hop that attains to interests of so called “nerds.” Topics could include politics, science fiction, or the stereotypical nerd favorites like Star Wars, computers, or role-playing. The genre of music is noted for the lyrics rather than the sound […]



Gouache Technical word, art jargon General Denotation: n., a type of paint with opaque colors ground in water, a mix of honey and gum makes the paint a paste. Also sometimes called opaque watercolor. The type of painting with the medium also. Etymology: The term gouache comes from the 16th century Italian word “guazzo” for […]



Acronym, Jargon, Blend: Also referred to as Alternative R&B, Indie R&B, or Hipster R&B. A subgenre of music that blends aspects of contemporary R&B, EDM, Rock, and hip-hop. It was coined to reference an emerging group of R&B artists that differed from their contemporaries, blending genres rather than sticking to the R&B tradition. Etymology: The term “PBR&B” […]



Neuroethics (n.) The Ethics of Neuroscience. Denotation: Neuroethics is a blend of neuroscience and ethics, and means the ethics of neuroscience. This field of philosophy was created because of the concerns for ethical, legal, and social impact of neuroscience, including the ways in which neurotechnology could be altering human behavior and decisions. The term first […]



Accumaticity: n. Blend. A combination of the words “accuracy” and “automaticity,” which is used to describe reading accuracy and fluency, most prevalently within the domain of early literacy. Etymology: “accuracy,” from the Latin prefix ‘ad’ and root ‘cura,’ which later became the Latin ‘accurare.’ [OED Definition] “automaticity,” formed within the modern English language, using the […]



Intersectionality. n.(neologism) The concept that all forms of discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc.) are connected ideas and therefore, must be studied as such. Etymology: The term “intersectionality theory” was first coined in an essay by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989. In her work she specifically discussed the idea of “black feminism.” According to the Oxford English […]



Vaporwave n. (Neologism, Jargon) A genre of music inspired by New Age music, indie music, and EDM, characterized by its use of “retro aesthetics”, 80s jazz, elevator music, videogames, and digital manipulation. Etymology: Compound of “Vapor” and “Wave”. Vapor (Latin vapor, “steam, heat”) + Wave (Old English wafian, ““to wave, fluctuate, waver in mind, wonder”). The combination […]



Neosense word: n/adj. 1. n. the overall “look” of a person’s outfit or style, decor, or other outward appearance: can be assigned by the person or by someone else. 2. adj. A descriptive used somewhat ironically to describe someone’s outfit/room/outward appearance, somewhat humorously. Examples: Unironic: “80s new wave is my aesthetic.” Ironic: “A picture of […]

Alt Lit


Alt Lit. n.(Jargon) Prose, poetry, or mixed media inspired by the internet and primarily distributed through self promotion through social media outlets or online publishing houses. Etymology: Clipping from “Alternative Literature”. Stylized “Alt Lit” or “alt-lit”. Alternative (Latin alternare, “interchange”). Literate (Latin literatura,“learning, a writing, grammar”). The term was created in reference to a community […]



Neosense word: Fanfic n. Fiction that is written by a fan that features characters from TV shows, movies, comics, and different forms of media, and creates their own story based on the certain piece of work. Fanfiction is a blend of the word fan and fiction. General Denotation: n. A story that is written by […]