Super PAC


Super PAC. n. (Acronym/Neologism) Short for “super political action committee”, officially known as “independent-expenditure only committees”, is an organization able to accept unlimited political donations from individuals, corporations, unions, and other groups. Super PAC’s are also free to engage in unlimited spending independently of political campaigns (Center for Responsive Politics, 2010). Etymology: “Super” means ” above, over, beyond”. The […]



Umpolung. n. (borrowing) Also referred to as polarity inversion. Mostly used in organic chemistry. Umpolung refers to a technique where the chemical modification of a functional group (specific groups of bonded atoms) is conducted with the aim of the reversal of polarity of that group. This is analogous to reversing the poles of a bar magnet in order for […]



Intersex. n. (neologism) an individual with characteristics of both sexes, the state of existing between the sexes. Etymology: Coined by German-U.S. geneticist Richard Goldschmidt in Endocrinology (Goldschmidt, 1917). “inter-” meaning between and “sex” referring to sex. “inter-” derived from French prefix “entre-“, later “entre- or “enter-“. Later the prefix derived from Latin “inter-” forming a different class of words […]



Synergy. n. (neologism) Joint action, cooperation, usually referred to in a business context in terms of cooperation between different corporations or people in business. Etymology: Greek “synergia” meaning “joint work, a working together, cooperation “synergia” in Modern Latin from Greek meaning “cooperation” “synergos” meaning “Assistance, help” “synergein” meaning “working together” “syn-” meaning “work together, help another in work” “together” (see syn- (O.E.D.)) “ergon” […]

Suh Dude

suh dude

Buzzword: exclamation. Pronounced “suh-dew”. General greeting. Etymology: a clipping from the phrase “What is up, dude?”. Variations include “Suh” “Dude, suh” “Asuh, dude”. Sociolectal information: A group of users on Vine (an app catering to mostly young teenagers) started using it at around 2013. The “vines” went viral and teenagers around the world started adopting it in their […]