Colorism. n. (neologism). prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. (1) Etymology: color +‎ -ism Colorism comes from the combination of the word color with the suffix ism Color: pigmentation of the skin, especially as an indication of someone’s race. […]



#FeelTheBern . phrase. (Buzz phrase/Neosense phrase). #FeelTheBern is the unofficial but popular slogan created by People For Bernie co-founder and strategist, Winnie Wong, to promote presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in his campaign. The phrase itself was created to attract the attention of younger audiences and voters who most often are the leading support for Sanders. […]



Microaggression. n. (Buzz word). [1] A form of unintended discrimination. It is depicted by the use of known social norms of behavior and/or expression that, while without conscious choice of the user, has the same effect as conscious, intended discrimination. [2] A statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional […]



Neosense word: adj. 1. Used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to. Etymology: computer language, 1964, initialism (acronym) for Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code; invented by Hungarian-born U.S. computer scientist John G. Kemeny (1926-1992) and U.S. computer scientist Thomas […]