Hype v./adj. (neosense) 1. To be excited or enthusiastic. 2. Something that is fun or exciting. Etymology: The neosense of the term “hype” emerged in the 2010s, but the original word is an americanism from the early 20th century with no certain origins. The original use of the word meant “excessive or misleading publicity or advertising”. In […]



Inspo n. (Buzzword) Slang for something one finds to be inspirational. Etymology: Clipping of the word “Inspiration”. Inspire (Late Latin inspirare, to breathe upon) + ation (Latin ation, indicating action). It originated as a hashtag used on many social media sites like twitter, pinterest, instagram, and tumblr. Sociolectal Information:  The term inspo is used frequently […]



Vaporwave n. (Neologism, Jargon) A genre of music inspired by New Age music, indie music, and EDM, characterized by its use of “retro aesthetics”, 80s jazz, elevator music, videogames, and digital manipulation. Etymology: Compound of “Vapor” and “Wave”. Vapor (Latin vapor, “steam, heat”) + Wave (Old English wafian, ““to wave, fluctuate, waver in mind, wonder”). The combination […]

Alt Lit


Alt Lit. n.(Jargon) Prose, poetry, or mixed media inspired by the internet and primarily distributed through self promotion through social media outlets or online publishing houses. Etymology: Clipping from “Alternative Literature”. Stylized “Alt Lit” or “alt-lit”. Alternative (Latin alternare, “interchange”). Literate (Latin literatura,“learning, a writing, grammar”). The term was created in reference to a community […]



Acronym: n. Derived from the phrase “The Fear Of Missing Out” in reference to the social anxiety or angst felt when one is missing out on a potentially fun or exciting event. Etymology: FOMO is an acronym from “fear of missing out” which arose in the early 21st century. There is no one source or […]