Neologism/Clipping of “sorority.” Used to describe a girl who has joined a social sorority and embodies the stereotypes associated with female greek life. Typically, a “srat” type girl parties only at Greek parties like mixers or date parties, wears certain brands (Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, etc.), and spends most of her time with members of […]



Acronym, Jargon, Blend: Also referred to as Alternative R&B, Indie R&B, or Hipster R&B. A subgenre of music that blends aspects of contemporary R&B, EDM, Rock, and hip-hop. It was coined to reference an emerging group of R&B artists that differed from their contemporaries, blending genres rather than sticking to the R&B tradition. Etymology: The term “PBR&B” […]



Neosense word: n/adj. 1. n. the overall “look” of a person’s outfit or style, decor, or other outward appearance: can be assigned by the person or by someone else. 2. adj. A descriptive used somewhat ironically to describe someone’s outfit/room/outward appearance, somewhat humorously. Examples: Unironic: “80s new wave is my aesthetic.” Ironic: “A picture of […]



Neosense word: n. 1. An exclamation, usually of exasperation, to admonish someone (traditionally male) for his ill-advised actions. 2. An ironic usage of the original meaning Denotation: Depending on the usage– an admonishment, or an ironic underscoring word. Two Senses: the original and the ironic. Etymology: Comes from exclamation “bro,” derived from “brother,” Old English “broþor”, […]