Hark Upon The Gale


Neotwampism: “Hark Upon The Gale” is a phrase that’s used as a joke at William and Mary. William and Mary student’s know this phrase from the alma mater song and use it ironically because no one knows what it means. “Hark Upon The Gale” means to listen upon the wind so by itself it actually […]


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Collab (n.) Definition: “Collab” is a clipping of the word collaboration. Collaboration typically means the action of working with someone to produce or create something. Nowadays a Collab still has the same sense of working with someone to produce something, however, collab now has the sense of only making video’s with someone. Some people may […]



Neuroethics (n.) The Ethics of Neuroscience. Denotation: Neuroethics is a blend of neuroscience and ethics, and means the ethics of neuroscience. This field of philosophy was created because of the concerns for ethical, legal, and social impact of neuroscience, including the ways in which neurotechnology could be altering human behavior and decisions. The term first […]



Neosense word: Fanfic n. Fiction that is written by a fan that features characters from TV shows, movies, comics, and different forms of media, and creates their own story based on the certain piece of work. Fanfiction is a blend of the word fan and fiction. General Denotation: n. A story that is written by […]



Twamp  n. Acronym: “Typical William And Mary Person” General Denotations:  Originally used to describe a socially awkward nerdy kid who goes to William and Mary, but now a word that’s used to describe the community at W&M. Sociolectal Information: This word would only be used at William and Mary or by alumni who have gone to The […]