The Sunkie G’s


Denotation: Slang Term n. an abbreviation for the Sunken Gardens, the stretch of lowered grass that stretches from the Wren Building to the Crim Dell Meadow on the old part of campus. Etymology: a combination of a clipping of the word “sunken” and an abbreviation for “garden”. Sunken: Past participle of “sink” (from Middle English “sinken”, cognate withDutch zinken, […]



Buzzword. n. a neighborhood designed with green spaces for residents to use to farm and own animals, usually centered around a working farm. Etymology: blend of agriculture (latin agr- meaning “field” + Latin cultura, meaning “growing” or “cultivation” + neighborhood (neighbor from Old English neahgebur) + -hood; or Middle English “neighbored” Denotation: Housing developments centered […]

Energy/Climate Resiliency


neosense word: n.  ability of infrastructure and energy systems to withstand the effects of climate change and disruptions to the energy supply, such as increasing air and water temperatures, rising sea levels, and severe weather. Etymology: Derivational Affixation Latin resili (ēns) (present participle of resilīre to spring back, rebound)  + -ence (Latin -entia, meaning an existing or real […]



Denotation: Buzzword: n. proposed epoch that starts when human activities began to have a significant impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems. Etymology: Derivational Affixation anthropo- (Greek, ἄνθρωπος,”human”) + -cene (from Greek kainos, for “new”, now meaning “recent” in terms of Geologic periods; part of Cenozoic era) History: The term was originally used by Soviet scientists in the […]



Neosense Word: n. a picture or short video taken using the Snapchat app.  Ex: “I sent you a snap.” General Denotations: v. to break suddenly n. a loud, cracking sound adj. something done at the spur of the moment Etymology: snap (From the late 15th century, when it meant a ‘quick sharp biting sound’; probably from Middle […]