TERF/TWERF. n. (neologism/initialism)  Denotation: An acronym for for the term “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist”, or sometimes “Trans Women Exclusionary Radical Feminist”. Used to describe a sub-group of self-identifying feminists who claim that transgender people are “not really” the gender that they identify as. While not technically a pejorative term, those who use it are generally […]


Transgender flag-triangle

DFAB/DMAB. adj. (neologism/initialism)  Denotation: An acronym/initialism for “Assigned male/female at birth”, generally used by transgender or nonbinary individuals to describe the gender they were designated at birth. A replacement term for “born male/female”, which can be used to invalidate trans/nb people’s identities and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Etymology: Term created by and for the transgender/nonbinary community to […]



GSRM. adj. (neologism / initialism) Denotation: An acronym/initialism of “Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities” used as a substitute term for LGBTQIA+. “Gender Minorities” refers to non-cisgender individuals, “Sexual Minorities” refers to non-heterosexual individuals, and “Romantic minorities” refers to non-heteroromantic individuals. Etymology: A term coined as a substitution for LGBTQIA+ due to the latter term’s relative […]



  Queerplatonic. adj. (neologism) Denotation: A word describing an extremely close emotional relationship that is beyond friendship but is not romantic in nature. Etymology: This term was coined by the aromantic and asexual communities to describe and validate their relationships. A combination of the words “queer” and “platonic”, the first being a reclaimed slur used […]



Gay. adj. (neosensism) Any non-heterosexual individual, regardless of gender. General Denotation: adj. slang used to describe a homosexual man. Etymology: Derived from French gai, meaning happy, cheerful, or amorous. Bright or lively looking, especially in color. Showy.(c1225): Hwi þe Gay world is to fleon. Ancrene Riwle (1638): Too much cheerefulnesse of gay and flourishing colours. F. Junius Finely or showily dressed (1509): Wymen..sell theyr […]