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Adj. (Neologism) In my belief Hispanic and Latino/a are usually used interchangeably in order to refer to those who come from Spanish speaking countries. This usually refers to people who come from Latin American countries that live in the United States. There are many controversial debates on whether the words mean the same thing or […]



Mindfulness. n. (act of being mindful, adj.) (Jargon) The concept of being able to live in the present and enjoy the moment. Etymology: According to the OED, Mindfulness is formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: mindful adj., -ness suffix. Mind: The state of being remembered; remembrance, recollection. “A word inherited from Germanic. Cognate with Old High […]


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Goat. adj. (neosensism word). It is an acronym that stands for Greatest Of All Time. Etymology:   “A word inherited from Germanic. Cognate with Old Frisian gān , Old Dutch gān , gēn (Middle Dutch gaen , Dutch gaan ), Old Saxon -gān (in fulgān to accomplish; Middle Low German gān ), Old High German gān , […]


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Geotag. n. (neosense word). An add on that you can put on pictures or any type of media regarding your location Etymology: Geo is a prefix meaning earth. Tag is a suffix meaning touch. The word itself is a combination of this and deals with giving location meaning to some type of media. This word came […]

The ‘word’ Thot


Thot. adj. This is actually an acronym for “That Ho Over There” Now considered a neologism because it had never existed before. Etymology: According to a writer named Nikki Gloudeman, thot has its roots from the word ‘whore’ which turned into ho and later thot. This writer suggest that the word turned out to be used […]