Neologism/Blend: n. A mobile electronic device used primarily for reading books in a digital format. The “e” stands for electronic. Common brands include the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook; Sony also makes one. Typically, they can hold hundreds of books in electronic form, and some even operate more like an iPad, with […]

Tasty Videos

Neosense/Buzzword: n. Short videos, usually around a minute or less, that autoplay in your Facebook feed in order to suck you into watching them. They always depict delicious-looking food and recipes being made, in a sped up fashion, by disembodied hands accompanied by cheerful music. Mesmerizing, and known to provoke hunger even in people that […]

Higgs Boson

Jargon and Buzzword: n. A subatomic particle that moves through the Higgs field, and which accounts for why elementary particles have mass. Nicknamed the “God Particle” after an article that physicist Leon Lederman wrote in which he asserted that the Higgs boson is crucial to understanding matter. It is believed by some physicists to be the […]



Neosense and Buzzword: n. A device that is not like the imagined levitation transportation device from the Back to the Future films, but is closer to a Segway without handles, or a self-balancing scooter. Known to be hazardous, in the sense that many people injure themselves while using them, and that they have been known to spontaneously […]

yik yak


Neosense Word: n.  A social media platform where William and Mary students post jokes about Reveley, witty comments about the goings on around campus, and disparaging remarks about UVA. General Denotation: n. A social media app where people can post anonymously and view conversations in a five mile radius. Etymology: The app was first released […]