Grim Dell


Neotwampism Definition (n.): the section of lake Matoaka enclosed by the trails connecting the back of campus to Old Campus and the Sunken Gardens. Etymology: The term “Grim Dell” is a play on “Crim Dell,” which refers to a small body of water across from the Sadler center and adjacent to Landrum Hall. The Crim […]


Jargon/Technical Term Definition: (n.) The microorganisms within a particular site, organism, or habitat; refers commonly to all microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, antibodies, etc.) living within the body of an organism The term, although related to singular entities such as “microbiome” and “microbe,” appears here in the plural because, whereas “microbe” is a much older word, “microbiota” […]

Data Mining

Buzzword Definition (n): Sorting through the data in a database to gather information and/or establish patterns Etymology: Data, plural of latin datum, meaning “thing given” + mine (from Irish mein, meaning “ore” through Old French) + inflectional affix “-ing”. The term “database mining” came into existence in the 1980s when HNC trademarked the phrase to protect their […]


The "Fitbit," a new example of a bio-wearable

  Jargon  n. Technological device created to collect (and sometimes analyze) biological data from the wearer’s body; an item of clothing/an accessory incorporating electronic technology Etymology: “Bio” from Greek prefix bios, meaning “life” + “wear” from Old English werian, meaning “to put on/cover up” + “able” from Latin suffix -abilis, denoting fitness or capacity + “-s,” denoting plurality. Although […]


  Blend: n. One who creates a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form. The word has been given a new sense within the community of public-video sites such as YouTube, meaning “one who uploads regular, personal video content to a channel.” General Denotation: A person creating videos, generally involving themselves speaking […]