Voluntell v.- to volunteer someone to do a task (usually not an enjoyable one) without their consent or knowledge.Usually used in the past participle, voluntold, to complain about someone volunteering you to do a task. Etymology- this word is a blend of volunteer and told. Volunteer comes from the late 16th century french word “volontaire.” […]



Manspreading n. -the act of men spreading their legs in public spaces (especially in public transportation) in order to provide more room for themselves. Manspread is used as a verb to denote the action. Etymology: this word fits into this category because it is a sociological phenomenon that facilitates gender inequalities and debate around human […]


"Honoring the holy teenage white girl pentagram."

Insta (neologism) 1. n- a clipping used as slang for the word “instagram”. 2. v.- use of same clipping to denote the action of posting a picture on instagram. 3. prefix- using a prefix onto a word to denote haste in completing an action. 4. prefix- denoting a relation to instagram. Connotation: kind of has […]

Optimism Bias


Optimism bias n. (neologism), technical word: an alteration of results due to people making decisions based on the belief that things will turn out alright despite the current situation.  Connotation: has a generally objective connotation since it is a science term. Perhaps one could consider it condescending because it is a jargon term that assumes […]



Queer. adj. (neosensim). Describes someone who doesn’t conform to heteronormative constructions of sexuality. Sense: can also mean odd or be used in a negative way by outsiders. Denotation: recently, the queer denotation is positive and projects individuality and identity. Sometimes people outside of the LGBTQ community uses it derogatorily. Etymology: early 16th century: considered to […]