Installation Art

Neosense Word: (n.) it is a genre of art that is three dimensional. It is a sub-genre of contemporary art. It is supposed the change the perception of space in a room.  Allows the audience or viewer to interact with the space. According to Merriam-Webster, installation art can have components of mixed media.


Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama

Etymology: Install (v.) from the 15th century, used in church setting by seating an office stall. From Old French, installer, or directly from Medieval Latin, installere. Influenced by developments in computer art. It can also be influenced by avante-garde techniques in theatre and dance. The orgigin of the word art comes from Latin and Old French from ars, and art-. Emerged in the 1970’s, and can trace its roots to conceptual art. Allan Kaprow’s book, ‘Assemblage, Environments and Happenings” was highly influential in the genre too. The word started to be used around the 1980s.

Sociolectical Information: Most commonly used when talking about contemporary art. Because it is contemporary, it is tied to the physical senses like smell and touch and so on. Can be confused with sculptures but, installation inverts the principles of sculpture art. The viewer enters a controlled environment. Contemporary art in society is moving forward because of the rapid change in technology that can be tied to the concept.

Survival Predictions: I think that the genre of Installation Art will continue to grow immensely, because like I mentioned the change in technology and the rapid pace that society’s ideas are changing too. Contemporary art like this can be found in mostly modern and forward cities like New York. Many artists find inspiration in places like this and so, cities like this will have more contemporary art genres compared to other towns or cities. Also because it has a futuristic flair, it will continue into the coming time. I think that the phrase “Installation Art” will probably not be used that much. Before researching this topi up, I did not know that there was a phrase for this kind of expression, but I did know of the art.  If I did not know there was a name for this kind of art, I would just call it contemporary art, just because it is easier and people use it more so it can be understood on a wider level.

Lexiopinions: I think that this genre of art is very interesting because it is supposed to reach out to the viewer’s touch, sound smell and sight. It permits the person to become involved with the art. I also like the distinction made from sculptures, which can be easily confused. Installation Art can be very beautiful, simple, complex and maybe even crazy, and I like that it is so versatile and does not have a set idea. As for the phrase, Installation Art, I think it only applies and is known to a certain set of people who are interested in this kind of stuff. Personally I don’t think the word fits the kind of art that I have see through this research, just because I was expecting something different.

Unwoven Light

Unwoven Light by Soo Sunny Park

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