Neologism. n. A large touchscreen cell phone that seems to be a cross between a phone and a tablet.

Etymology: Blend of “phone” and “tablet”. “Phone” is a clipping of “telephone” which dates back to the 1880s. “Telephone” comes from the French word “téléphone”, which was formed by combining “télé,” which means “far,” and “phone,” which means “sound or voice.” “Tablet” comes from the Latin word “tabula,” which refers to a document, list, or writing tablet. 


The word “phablet” appears to date back to early 2012, coinciding with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is often credited with starting the modern “phablet” trend.

Sociolectical information: This word seems to be used primarily in circles of technology enthusiasts. However, I imagine that it could be used in general conversation because as long as it is said in context, the meaning is fairly easy to figure out.

Survival Predictions: I think this word may gain popularity over another couple of years because the “phablet” trend appears to be continuing in technology, but I doubt it will survive for much longer because of the rapid pace of change in technology, especially technology like cellphones that are used by the general public.

Lexopinions: I find this word fairly useful because I have definitely noticed the increasing sizes of cellphones, and “phablet” is an intuitive word that accurately describes these new devices; however, this may be a current trend in technology that won’t last, as evidenced by Apple’s recent release of a new phone that reverts back to one of the earlier small sizes. To me, the word seems to have a negative connotation, but that may just be because I constantly complain about these new phones being way too big for my small hands. I think I’d only use this word to mock someone else’s enormous phone, and when I talked to other people, they either thought the same or just said they’d never use it.


  1. rgtesfazghi says:

    I think that this is an interesting word. I do see the use in it because technology is creating bigger screens for the future. While, I do think that the word is useful, I also think that people will just regard the device as a phone, just because it is easier and more well known. Apple recently released a newer version of the iPhone 5, so the future sizes of phones could also be decreasing, just a thought though. Great Job!

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