Accumaticity: n. Blend. A combination of the words “accuracy” and “automaticity,” which is used to describe reading accuracy and fluency, most prevalently within the domain of early literacy.


“accuracy,” from the Latin prefix ‘ad’ and root ‘cura,’ which later became the Latin ‘accurare.’ [OED Definition]

“automaticity,” formed within the modern English language, using the root ‘automatic’ and the derivational affix ‘ity.’ [OED Definition]

Sociolectal Information: The word “accumaticity” was introduced in a scholarly article entitled “Reading Fluency in the Middle and Secondary Grades,” written by David D. Paige and Theresa Magpuri-Lavell. It was published in the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education in 2014. In the article, the authors explain accumaticity as follows:

“This interaction of word identification accuracy and automaticity results in what we call “accumaticity.” While it is common to see this construct referred to in measurement terms as words-correct-per-minute or WCPM, the use of the term accumaticity provides a more descriptive label. Readers who have good accumaticity read with a good flow because they avoid frequent pauses to analyze and decode words.”

Survival Predictions: Because the word is used within such a narrow field, I do not expect to hear it in everyday speech. However, because it fulfills such a specific purpose, I believe the word will survive within the domain of early literacy.

Lexopinions: While I personally had not heard this word before, I think that the word is purposeful, and extremely useful to educators at the primary and secondary levels because it explains so well the necessary attributes of reading fluency in young children.


  1. This is a good choice for a word. It is new and seems relatively unheard of. I was interested in learning what this word meant. I think you did a great job explaining the etymology of the two words which create the blend. Since you say in your survival predictions that “accumaticity” is found primarily in a specific field, I would be curious to know if anybody who is not in that field has heard of it. You can even just write if you knew what the word meant before creating this entry or if you had ever heard it used in conversation. You could also expand on your lexopinions a bit. Maybe add why you think this word is useful to educators. What need does it fulfill? Other than that, I really enjoyed your entry.

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