Acronym: “You Only Live Once”; implies that people only one chance to live correctly and do what they please.

Etymology: Similar to the latin carpe diem, which means seize the day. YOLO now a days has become popular through the 2011 song by Drake, “The Motto”.

Usage: Usually teens use the term almost as an excuse for actions that would otherwise be illogical or erratic.

Example: “Why did you just kick that trash can down?”

“Because YOLO!”

Survival Predictions: Still around now, but if used one might be seen as obnoxious. Most likely everyone knows the meaning, but is seen as out of date and expired. I think that YOLO will only be used if someone is trying to be funny or make a reference to how people were when the term was popular. I think that it is not used as much as it was in the previous years, but people will still know what it means.

Lexopinions: I thought YOLO was humorous when it first came about, and now that it has been overused. I think that it is evident in youth culture because it defines the spirit of adventurous teens and their fickle behavior. An easy way to say that one is going to be impulsive and unexpected.





  1. It’s interesting how you pointed out that the word has died down in usage. Do you think it was due to the overuse of the word, or something else? Because it’s fairly recent (2011) that the word was even created, what is different for “YOLO” as an pop acronym that died down more quickly than, say “lol”.

    Great entry! A lot of the things I definitely echo with you on.

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