Blend : n.  A theatre Organization on the William and Mary Campus which produces one show every year during the Winter Break.

Etymology: The word Sinfonicron was created in 1965, as a blend of two Theatre and Music groups on the William and Mary campus – Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and Delta Omicron.

Sociolectal Information: The word is currently in use solely on the William and Mary Campus, the word Sinfonicron has evolved within the past few years to become a prefix – “sinfoni.” Members of the Sinfonicron Light Opera Company each year create new blends by adding this prefix to everyday words, such as “Sinfonicloset” (the room where props and costumes are stored during the school year), “Sinfonicrushes” (the person you have a crush on during Sinfonicron), and “Sinfoniween” (Sinfonicron’s own version of Halloween, which takes place in early January). Overall, words with the prefix ‘sinfoni’ have become far more prevalent than the word ‘sinfonicron’ itself.

Formation of new blends: In order to create new blends, the prefix “sinfoni” is placed in front of the first stressed syllable of the second word. For example, “sinfonicron” + “CLOS-et” = sinfonicloset. However, “sinfonicron” + “hall-o-WEEN” = “sinfoniween.”

Survival Predictions: Because Sinfonicron Light Opera Company has been around for more than fifty years, and has gained popularity, I believe that the word Sinfonicron will maintain its popularity on William and Mary’s campus. In addition, I believe the prefix “sinfoni” will gain even more popularity because it can be blended with other roots to create a word for every situation.

Lexopinions: While this word isn’t in use outside of the William and Mary Community, I find it an extremely useful word because Sinfonicron is something that has become so popular on campus. The prefix in particular is useful because it allows you to explain Sinfonicron related ideas so much more efficiently.


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