Neosense word:

Fanfic n.

Fiction that is written by a fan that features characters from TV shows, movies, comics, and different forms of media, and creates their own story based on the certain piece of work. Fanfiction is a blend of the word fan and fiction.


General Denotation: n. A story that is written by a fan about an altered version of some form of fiction.

Etymology: The word Fan is short for the word fanatic, which came from Latin fanaticus meaning, “to be mad or inspired by a god.” Fiction originally comes from the French ficcioun in the early 15th century, which means, “that which is invented or imagined in the mind”, ficcioun was originally from Latin’s fictionem meaning “to shape, form, or devise”. The first use of fan fiction was 1973 when a fan of Star Trek wrote a alternate story of the show.

Societal Information: Fanfic is written by amateur writers who want to alter a particular story that they are fond of, this means that can either alter the ending of a story to their own liking or pair a couple together that wouldn’t originally be together.

Survival Predictions: Fanfic is easy to say and combines words that we already use in the English language and makes the definition easy to understand. The idea of fanfiction will last but the word might change because there are many sub groups of fanfiction, so it may become more specific then just fanfiction.

Lexopinions: I think this word will stay around for a while because it is popular within fandom communities. The idea of fanfiction has been around for a long time, but just recently acquired the name.

Interview of Cindella204:

Q: What is the definition of Fanfiction?

A: Fanfiction refers to stories written by fans of a published work that borrow characters, settings, or other constructs from that work.

Q: Do you think the word fanfiction will survive?

A: As for the longevity of the word, fanfiction has existed as long as published works have with various levels of engagement, sophistication, and legitimacy. So while the language use to describe fanfiction and the communities surrounding it change, fanfiction as a term has not and will not as the most constant of popular fan works.


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