Stitch Bitch

Jargon:  n. A woman who frequently sews or mends clothing, including theatrical costumes or cosplays.

General Denotation: An often sassy or feisty female costumer.


  • Stitch, from the Old English ‘stice,’ meaning puncture or a stabbing pain
  • Bitch, from the Old English ‘bicce’

Sociolectal Information: While not widely known outside of the theatre community, “stitch bitch” has become a self-identifier to many seamstresses, both amateur and professional.

Survival Predictions: While sewing one’s own clothing is hardly necessary in this era (and is, in fact, much less economically prudent), the theatrical and cosplaying communities have grown enough that the term has a strong chance of survival.

Lexopinions: To me, the term “stitch bitch” is a catchy, useful way to identify oneself.

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