Neosense Word: n. a picture or short video taken using the Snapchat app. Snapchat-QR-Ghost-Code

Ex: “I sent you a snap.”

General Denotations:

v. to break suddenly

n. a loud, cracking sound

adj. something done at the spur of the moment


snap (From the late 15th century, when it meant a ‘quick sharp biting sound’; probably from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German snappen ‘seize’ (OED); also possibly derived as a clipping from the word “snapshot”; a clipping of the name of the app, Snapchat)

The app’s name, snapchat  is a compound formed from snap + chat  (Middle English shortening of ‘chatter’ (OED))


The word was created when the app was created by Evan Spiegal, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy while at Stanford University in 2011.

Sociolectal Information:

A slang term typically used by members of the  young generation and users of the Snapchat app, whose main demographic consists of users between 13 and 23 years of age. It is commonly heard in casual conversation in reference to conversations and messages sent between teenagers and young adults.

Survival Predictions:

“Snap” is likely to evolve out of the specific context of the Snapchat app into everyday usage in a similar way that “Google” as a verb has come to apply to searching for something on the internet regardless if one is actually using Google.


I think that Snapchat is an interesting new form of social media that is likely to influence how people communicate, and as a result the vocabulary associated with it will be incorporated into common English vocabulary in the same way words from Twitter and Facebook have been.

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