Neo-sense word. n. A person who is trendy, stylish, progressive, and/or knowledgeable about what is happening in popular culture. It also defines a subculture of indie/alternative music and progressive, edgy fashion and lifestyles, usually in groups of young adults (20s-30s) and teens.

General Denotation: n. One who is hip or up-to-date

Etymology:  hip – also “hep”, appeared in the 1940’s, meaning “know-it-all”;  -ster – noun-creating suffix to indicate occupation or habit

Sociolectal Information: Used now, like slang, to name someone who is very aware of what is popular and in the moment, with teenagers, the term used more in a more ironic way or insulting someone who acts above others for what they know is in, someone who is rudely apathetic at anything “out”, or who is overly conscious of trends. Also someone who takes part in the stereotypical subculture above.

Survival Predictions: The term is likely to survive but the meaning will probably evolve along with pop culture and generational changes.

Lexopinions: This word is already widely used by young adults and teens, including those at William and Mary. It is not exactly common language or frequently used, but most young people know the definition as well as the stereotypes associated, as shown in the videos below.


Bonus: Fun word association with Gwen and Hannah

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