edm musicEDM. n. (neosense) A genre of music that uses electronic sounds as opposed to instruments. It is generally played at nightclubs or raves.

Etymology: Initialism for Electronic Dance Music.

Sociolectal Information. The initialism was coined by the music industry in the early 2010s. The term generally continues to be used by the music industry and younger generations. It also primarily appears in the United States. The United Kingdom used the terms “dance music” or “dance” more commonly than EDM.

Survival Predictions: EDM has gained popularity as a term as the style of music has gained popularity as a genre. Therefore, I think that it will survive so long as the music is prominent.

Lexopinions: The letters “EDM” flow off the tongue making the acronym easy to say. “Electronic Dance Music” is rather long and clunky so I believe that EDM is a useful shortening.

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